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  • Awards of Recognition

    Awards of Recognition

    Call for quotes
  • Bowling ball - 5 pin

    Bowling ball - 5 pin

    Have your name or logo lasered onto your bowling ball, sorry 5 pin balls only
    Cost: $5.00 a ball
  • Business Card Holder

    Business Card Holder

    $36.50 lasered
  • Corkscrew


    details to follow
  • Custom Gift

    Custom Gift

    Call for quotes.
  • Custom Laser Award

    Custom Laser Award

    Call for quotes
  • Family Tree

    Family Tree

    9" x 12" Oak or Walnut Plaque $32.95

    Set-up - $20.00 sublimated plate
    Each Name - $3.00 sublimated
    Birthstones - $3.00 each
  • Framed Lasered Glass

    Framed Lasered Glass

    call for quotes
  • Framed mirror

    Framed mirror

    Laser-engraved and painted mirror
    Framing is not done in house, will hang with mirror clips.
  • Gavel


  • Hole-in-one box

    Hole-in-one box

    Hole-in-one box
  • Horse brushes

    Horse brushes

    Horse brushes
  • Jewelry Box

    Jewelry Box

    Supplier has discontinued this item, but
    wooded items may be brought in for a quote
  • Oak Toilet Seat

    Oak Toilet Seat

    Not available at this time,able to laser
    wooded items. if not in stock, items can be brought into us for a quote
  • Parish Plaque

    Parish Plaque

    Call for quotes
  • Pen & Box 2 tone

    Pen & Box 2 tone

    pen - $8.95 - engraving $5.00
    Box - $12.95 - engraving $10.00
    Laser engraving is charged by the job, not by the letter
    Check out the supplier catalogues, top right corner for more pens
  • Pen Box, Pen & Keychain

    Pen Box, Pen & Keychain

    Pen Box & Pen - $40.00 lasered
    Keychain - $8.50 lasered
    Pen only - $17.50 lasered
  • Pen Box, Pen & Letter Opener

    Pen Box, Pen & Letter Opener

    $50.00 (all 3 items lasered)
  • Photo Album

    Photo Album

    Wooden album, can be laser engraved (small album is pictured)
    SMALL, 7.5"x5.5", holds 100 4"x6" photos, $28.95 (does not include engraving)
    LARGE, 9"x8", holds 200 4"x6" photos, $44.95 (does not include engraving)
  • Picture frames

    Picture frames

    Call for quotes.
  • images/thumbs/no_image.jpg

    Pocket Knife

    details to follow
  • Retirement gift idea

    Retirement gift idea

    call for details
  • RM Grader Gift

    RM Grader Gift

    Graders, tractors, etc. mounted on board with plate with logo and engraving
    $35.00 plus cost of grader
  • Rolling Pin/Bread Board

    Rolling Pin/Bread Board

    Board - $40.00(lasered-small) or $50.00(lasered-large)

    Pin - $15.00(lasered)
  • Stool (not as shown)

    Stool (not as shown)

    Sorry design shown not available at this time
    You assemble stools are available at times
  • Thermometer/Barometer


    Thermometer(not shown) - $45.00 lasered (not exactly as shown)

    Thermometer/Barometer(left) $66.00 lasered

    Thermometer/Barometer/Hygrometer(right) - $82.00 lasered
  • TV Table

    TV Table

    Complete with your logo and any wording you want

    $30.00 lasered - Only if legs can be removed, some trays are coming glued and cannot be removed. These trays will not fit in the laser.