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  • annual 3x3

    annual 3x3

    This board (3ft x 3ft) was supplied by the customer, they wanted 100 plates plus a heading, this is what we did for them, every job is different so please call for a quote.
  • annual plaque

    annual plaque

    This board was brought in by the customer to be displayed in their hall. We arranged the plates and engraved the sponsors,
  • Custom Laser Engraving

    Custom Laser Engraving

    call for quotes
  • Custom Sublimation

    Custom Sublimation

    call for quote
  • Lasered walnut plaque

    Lasered walnut plaque

    9x12 walnut lasered with black fill
  • Leather engraving

    Leather engraving

    Pictured is sample of horse collar laser engraved with logo and print.
    Call for quotes on other leather items.
  • license plate

    license plate

    This plate was made for a Saskatchewan customer. It is lasered on outdoor plastic.
    variety of clipart available, give us an idea and we will design it for your approval
    Approx. $30.00
    Logo? no problem, one time charge $10.00
  • Mirror


    Mirrors come in varies sizes up to approx 17x23 The print can be any color These mirrors are shown framed which is no longer available by us, only mirror clips
  • Urn


    The customer brought in his wood, we lasered his design and then he completed the product, Anyone wishing an urn, please contact us
  • Wall


    call for quotes on your project
  • Wall 2

    Wall 2

    call for quote on your project
  • Wall 3

    Wall 3

    The customer supplied the boards for the donor wall, We will cut plates and supply the engraving to fit your specs