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  • Fireman Resin

    Fireman Resin

    Bronze fireman resin
    Variety of styles available
    Call for quote
  • Golf Cart

    Golf Cart

    Golf cart resin check for availabity $40.00 includes engraving
  • Grad Bobbleheads

    Grad Bobbleheads

    We have bobbleheads for Elementary school Grads
    $15.50 engraved
    Along with grad fiqures listed on
    pg. 22-23 in supplier catalague

    Regular Grad Figures - male and female, colour
    6" $13.50 (+$3.00 for plate)
    8.5" $19.50 (+$3.00 for plate)

  • Military Figure

    Military Figure

    Bronze military resin
    13" tall

    $49.95 (includes engraving)
  • Variety of sports

    Variety of sports

    Lots to choose from. Almost everything you
    can imagine..TOO MANY to list.
    for more ideas & discount prices
    $5.00 for a plate to personalize that special award