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  • Corridor Signage

    Corridor Signage

    Call for quotes
  • custom designed nametags

    custom designed nametags

    Rectangles are not your only options!

    $10.00, plastic with magnet
    $7.00, plastic with pin
  • Desk and Door Plates

    Desk and Door Plates

    Silver or gold, $19.00 complete
    holder only $8.00
    plate with engraving only $11.00
  • Name tag clip

    Name tag clip

    Clip in place of pin or magnet.
    Plastic laser cut nametag with clip, $7.00
  • Nametags


    Plastic, any color, pin back $7.00
    Plastic, any color, magnet back $10.00
    Metal plate with pin back - $8.00 magnet $10.00
    Logo setup $10.00 & up - one time charge
    FREE logo setup included with order ( min 15) can be used for other products
  • outdoor plastic

    outdoor plastic

    Outdoor plastic excellent price great for park benches, flower beds etc.. Call for more infor